It’s never too soon

Judy Robinson, CEO at Involve Yorkshire & Humber, sets out her advice for a VCS “manifesto” to inform and influence leading up to the next general election. Continue reading

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What a great Adult Learners Week awards ceremony

Guest post by Ian McGregor Brown, Manager for HEART As manager of HEART and representing 12 Colleges and Universities in West Yorkshire it was a great pleasure to sponsor the Raising Aspirations Award at the ceremony in Forsters Bistro, Bradford.  The event was superbly organised by … Continue reading

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Learning from the voluntary sector

If you saw the play “Pitmen Painters”, set in the north east of the 1930’s, you’ll know that it revolved round the seemingly unlikely juxtaposition of the pitmen doing an academic class about art appreciation. The results were revolutionary and … Continue reading

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Lifelong learning: whatever the time of year

Guest blog by Ian McGregor Brown, Manager for HEART Adult Learners’ Week offers a focal point to celebrate the range and diversity of learning opportunities available to adults and how lifelong learning can really transform the lives of individuals, communities and organisations. … Continue reading

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Can technology make it on to your ‘To Do’ list?

Guest blog by Helen Milner, Chief Executive for Online Centres Foundation Most of the community organisations I come across in my role as Chief Executive of Online Centres Foundation – the organisation behind the national network of UK online centres – have … Continue reading

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Take action to change attitudes towards dementia

Guest blog by Simon Wallace, Project Manager for Dementia Action Alliance Misunderstanding, stigma and fear are all typical of the reaction to dementia – and organisations from the public, private and charity sectors recently recognised that action must be taken to bring … Continue reading

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Remembering why we do what we do

With all the well-documented challenges for the voluntary and community sector (VCS) at the moment, it can be easy to get caught up in doom and gloom. So it’s been a breath of fresh air to be working recently on … Continue reading

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Inspirational learners

I’ve just come out of the Selection Panel meeting where we considered the shortlist for Awards to be presented at the Adult Leaners’ Week Yorkshire & Humber Awards Ceremony 2013. What a meeting! I left the panel fizzing with anticipation of the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the real world

If you talk about equality or poverty in certain quarters, you can find yourself told to live in the real world and face up to austerity. Without wanting to enter into a philosophical debate about the nature of reality, it’s … Continue reading

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Back to the future: can charity plug welfare gaps?

In our latest Quarterly Confidence Survey we asked a new question about whether respondents had noticed any impact of welfare benefit changes. Although we had expected advice agencies to have noticed the impacts of welfare changes we were surprised by how many … Continue reading

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