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Research and information

Involve Yorkshire & Humber recognises the vital importance of research on the voluntary and community sector (VCS).

We use research to influence policy and inform debate about the sector at all levels.

As well as commissioning our own research, we work closely with recognised leaders in research into the sector to ensure it reflects and represents the unique nature of Yorkshire and the Humber.

Research is an important component of the information and evidence we produce.

We ran a seminar: Show me the evidence (York, Wednesday 9 November 2012) which focused on our research and the importance of using evidence.

Voluntary and community sector confidence survey

We conduct and publish a quarterly confidence survey of the voluntary and community sector in Yorkshire and the Humber, to help planning and inform policy. We use results of the survey to brief media, politicans, and the voluntarys ector.

Third Sector Trends Survey

We co-ordinated Yorkshire and Humber involvement in the Third Sector Trends Study. Led by Northern Rock Foundation. The study has established a robust evidence base for the sector, accessible in a series of briefings and reports.

Action Trackers

We launched Involve's Action Trackers initiative at our annual conference in September 2012. By volunteering to become Action Trackers, voluntary and community organisations across Yorkshire and Humber are providing great stories for us to collect about the impact of welfare reform on their communities and the positive actions they are taking to tackle poverty and inequality. Find out more about Action Trackers.

Knowledge Bank

We created KnowledgeBank, a database of research about the voluntary and community sector in England, as a tool for organisations writing funding bids or planning, and for anyone doing further research.

All the research from Knowledge Bank is now available on the Third Sector Knowledge Portal.

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