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Third Sector Trends Study

Involve Yorkshire & Humber co-ordinated Yorkshire and Humber involvement in the Third Sector Trends Study. Led by Northern Rock Foundation, the study aimed to establish a definitive evidence base for the sector, initially in the North East and Cumbria.

The research

This research was carried out in two parts:

  1. A quantitative study to identify the number and identity of third sector organisations (TSOs) in Yorkshire and the Humber.

  2. Measuring the trends amongst TSOs in Yorkshire and the Humber over a period of two more years. This aspect of the research focused on the experience of organisations and their perceptions of change in their operating.

A major challenge was to obtain reliable estimates for the scale, composition and contribution of the non-registered small local community groups.

Initial findings

Our findings from the first phase of the research included:

  • there are more than 14,000 organisations registered in Yorkshire and the Humber

  • the sector in Yorkshire and the Humber has a total income of over £3.56 billion

  • more than 70% of general charities in Yorkshire and the Humber focus their activities on four fields, with ‘social services’ (23.4%) the most common

  • the funding mix for organisations varies considerably.

There is more detail on these findings in our two briefings 'Third sector organisations in Yorkshire and the Humber', September 2009 and January 2011.

Below the radar?

Findings from the second phase of the research included:

  • a revised estimated total number of registered and unregistered ('below the radar') third sector organisations in Yorkshire and Humber at around 32,000.

  • for very 100 registered charities in Yorkshire and the Humber there are a further 90 unregistered third sector organisations.

  • the importance of local support and development organisations in maintaining our understanding of local voluntary action.

Results and conclusions from this second phase of the research are published in full in our briefing Below the radar? (June 2011). 

Below the radar? summarises the key findings of Entering the lists: what can be learned from local listings of third sector organisations? Results from a study of Northern England, written by written by John Mohan (Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC)/University of Southampton), David Kane (National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) ), Julia Branson (Geodata Institute, University of Southampton) and Steve Barnard (University of Southampton).

A number of other reports are available from Northern Rock Foundation.

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