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ONE HULL is Hull’s Local Strategic Partnership. The ONE HULL VCS Forum, hosted by North Bank Forum, ensures that the voluntary and community sector in Hull participates as fully as possible in ONE HULL.
Since the beginning of 2009 it has: Representatives of the One Hull VCS Forum with Sir Bert Massie, Commissioner for the Compact.

  • developed and implemented a selection procedure to recruit volunteers and community representatives to its board

  • provided representatives with support and developed their ongoing training

  • promoted shared knowledge and expertise with Hull’s business community

  • played a pivotal role in the development of Hull’s nationally renowned Compact which won two awards at the 2009 National Compact Awards.

ONE HULL VCS Forum organised two multi-agency events around Commissioning and the Duty to Involve to bring together key representatives from all agencies to identify how partners could work together more effectively in the future and to develop closer relationships between the public, private and voluntary and community sectors.

“The ONE HULL VCS Forum plays a vital role in the Local Strategic Partnership, enriching our work by bringing in the invaluable expertise, energy and commitment of the voluntary and community sectors. Its forward-thinking and collaborative approach to tackling the challenges facing Hull make it a real asset to the City.”

Kath Lavery, Chair of NHS Hull and the Hull Partnership

North Bank Forum is a local support and development organisation in Hull. It acts as a link between statutory agencies and the local voluntary and community sector. It provides a range of support services to the sector and runs a number of services focusing on health and social care.

This case study is part of a series, published in Building links: why support and development organisations matter for Yorkshire and the Humber.

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