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Mohammed Salam

I am able to play a vital strategic role to support Involve Yorkshire & Humber in promoting its value in a changing and challenging environment whilst demonstrating my commitment, passion and dedication to create harmonious communities in Yorkshire and the Humber.

I have experience of acting as an accountable body for financial matters. I have introduced many worthy practices in dealing with equalities and quality issues. I have experience of monitoring, evaluation and appraisals of projects and staff, HR issues, quality audit, community governance and community engagement.

I possess strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to work effectively as part of a diverse team in a cross agency setting. I am able to communicate and work effectively at all levels. I have strong understanding of the voluntary sector, the different communities, organisations, boards and regions. I have experience of communicating with all levels including government departments and the media.


Portrait of Mohammed Salam

Mohammed Salam
Elected trustee

01274 488872

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