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Adding value through Partnerships

Supported by Bradford CVS with West Yorkshire Local Development Agencies

The Adding Value through Partnerships Project works with groups in West Yorkshire by:

  • building the skills of groups to work together in more effective partnerships

  • encouraging groups to work together to improve their services

  • helping groups decide whether to enter formal partnership agreements

  • providing a confidential, supportive and professional partnership support service

  • sharing learning about partnerships across all the districts in West Yorkshire.

Local support and development organisations in West Yorkshire have long recognised the growing need to strengthen collaborative working across West Yorkshire and increase efficiency through better use of resources and funding.

“Partnership working has always been a key priority in West Yorkshire. We are confident that the project will leave a lasting legacy of increased confidence and capacity as well as increased effectiveness. Projects like this will ensure that the sector can play a full and active role in continuing to meet the needs of our communities.”

Anthony Clipsom, Director, Bradford CVS

West Yorkshire Local Development Agencies (WYLDA) is the consortium of local support and development organisations in West Yorkshire. It supports joint working between its members.
Bradford CVS, the local support and development organisation, is the host organisation for Adding value through partnerships, a project funded by Capacitybuilders and sponsored by WYLDA.

This case study is part of a series, published in Building links: why support and development organisations matter for Yorkshire and the Humber.

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