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Health and social care

Involve Yorkshire & Humber promotes the full breadth of the voluntary and community sector’s (VCS) work in health and social care.  This includes organisations that deliver traditional health and social care services, community health activities, sports clubs and groups delivering a range of activities that have benefits on the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Our priorities focus on developing an evidence base for the sector’s role in health and wellbeing.

What do we do?

  • facilitate communication between the Department of Health and VCS health and social care organisations, through HealthNet Y&H

  • co-ordinate responses to consultations to ensure that the VCS influences health and social care policy and programmes effectively

  • produce briefings on issues relating to health and social care

  • ensure that the VCS is represented on relevant bodies in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Our work in this area has a particular focus on health inequalities, personalisation and co-production, particularly on how these impact on the work of the VCS.

Stronger Connections for Better Health

As a member of Regional Voices, we are closely involved in Stronger Connections for Better Health, hosting the Regions Project Manager, Emma Easton.  The project is a national strategic partner to the Department of Health, and represents a real opportunity for third sector organisations in each region to influence the Department of Health.

Staff contact

Ruth Beattie

Ruth Beattie
Networks Manager

07896 802 072

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