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Support and development

Support and development organisations (formerly known as ‘infrastructure organisations’) provide support to the voluntary and community sector (VCS) at national, regional, sub-regional and local levels.

Involve Yorkshire & Humber is the general support and development organisation for the VCS in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Our priorities include working with the Yorkshire and the Humber Support and Development Organisations Alliance to help make support and development organisations sustainable.

Voluntary organisations of all types and sizes need support to deal a range of issues, including new legislation, responding to government policy and changes in funding programmes. Such support and development enables organisations which deliver services to do their best for the individual people and communities they serve.

We play a key role by co-ordinating support and development organisations in Yorkshire and the Humber, advocating for the sector and liaising with funding providers over developing funding strategies and programmes.

We collect and promote case studies of some of the excellent and innovative work being done by support and development organisations in Yorkshire and Humber.

We are running a seminar: The voluntary sector: a guided tour (Leeds, Thursday 15 March 2012) - one of our series of Landscape seminars.

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Ruth Beattie

Ruth Beattie
Networks Manager

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Support and development

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