Linking education and communities

Involve Yorkshire & Humber can help to:

  • connect university courses with knowledge and experience on a wide range of topics drawn from our practice, research and expertise

  • increase the number of students accessing career and placement opportunities in the voluntary and community sector (VCS) 

  • improve the knowledge of careers advisers about job opportunities in the VCS 

  • link academic interests with local intelligence to create new research opportunities

  • develop partnerships with communities and local organisations to transfer knowledge and produce mutual benefit

We do this through:

  • bespoke training for careers advisers on the VCS job market

  • seminars, lectures and workshops on specialist academic subjects

  • knowledge and research on the changing role of the VCS

  • community involvement in regeneration and public service redesign

  • interpreting 'the Big Society'

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"CRESR worked with Involve Yorkshire & Humber to research aspects of the Big Society. Our academic interests and their local intelligence combined to produce reports which should be of great interest to the sector and to policy makers"

(Professor Peter Wells, Director of the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University)

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Judy Robinson
Chief Executive

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